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 McDonald's employees get boost
 January 28, 2008 -- Updated 1023 GMT

LONDON, England (AP) -- McDonald's employees trained in skills needed to run outlets for the fast-food chain can get credit toward high school diplomas, the British government announced Monday.

Britain has allowed McDonald's to serve up credit toward high school diplomas for its employees.

Along with two other large companies, McDonald's Corp. was given the power to award the equivalent of advanced high-school qualifications as part of a plan to improve young people's skills, said the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, a government education regulator.

It is the first time the government has granted national recognition to corporate training schemes. But universities and colleges will have to decide whether to accept the corporate qualifications as grounds for admission.

The fast-food chain had been granted approval to develop courses and set exams up to the standard of A-levels -- the final exams taken by high school students that determine college and university admission.

Rail infrastructure firm Network Rail Ltd. and regional airline Flybe Ltd. have also been given the power to award their own qualifications.

McDonald's has said it is introducing a "basic shift manager" course, designed to train staff in skills needed to run a McDonald's outlet, from marketing to customer service.

"It is right that we recognize and accredit employers that have shown a commitment to training and developing their staff," said the government's skills minister, John Denham.

"This is an important step towards ending the old divisions between company training schemes and national qualifications, something that will benefit employees, employers and the country as a whole."


Quando dissi che i crediti universitari li avrebbero dati insieme ai punti benzina Tamoil qualcuno rise.
Sappiate che al DAMS di Torino andare a determinati appuntamenti cinematografici o teatrali comporta l'assegnazione di crediti.
Ma dare valore formativo a Mc Donald's fa comprendere quale guadagno abbia avuto la nostra cultura dall'omologazione a quella anglosassone.
1 Hamburger = 1 punto, 1 cheesburger = 2 punti, 1 menĂ¹ = 5 punti ?

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